AOC Recalls Fearing For Her Life At Capitol Protest

Recently New York congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) took to social media to recount her "harrowing" experience during the Capitol protest.

AOC says during the protest that she thought she was going to die because her and her colleagues were evacuated from the building and hid in an office for safety in another building.( her office is not even in the Capitol Building

During the process of security and Capitol police evacuating lawmakers from the floor, AOC says she heard protestors yelling "where is she" which prompted her to believe they were going to kill her.

Hiding behind Capitol police from an "angry mob" she is the same congresswoman that has called for the defunding of the police and has never condemned the riots over the summer.

AOC is one of the many Democrat members of congress that pushes violence, destruction of community and racism and then casts their actions onto her Republican colleagues.

AOC is an enemy to our government and country and needs to be removed immediately through articles of expulsion. Look at the proof below on how she calls for violence and defunding of the police. I guess it's only poor communities that we need to defund not Capitol Hill right AOC?


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