Biden Compared To Jimmy Carter After Disastrous Jobs Report; Twitter Defends Him


Friday’s disastrous jobs report blew a smoking hole in the protective force field that the media has erected around Joe Biden. Now damage control efforts are underway.

The nation’s 46th president has been showered with praise after his first 100 days in office. The activist press crafted a dishonest narrative that his economic policies and promises of millions of new “green” jobs will put America on a path to prosperity.

But when the jobs report came out showing a paltry 266,000 new jobs (well short of projections), the comparisons of Biden to Democrat icon FDR and his New Deal were exposed as just another sham. Being obscured now is the fact that his policies have set the nation on a path of what will likely be economic ruin.

Donald Trump Jr. hit the bullseye with a Twitter dart that mocked the comparisons to FDR. Instead he likened Biden to the hapless Jimmy Carter, whose dismal presidency still stands as a monument to Democrat failures over four decades after he left office.

So damaging was the jobs report and so accurate the comparison to Carter that the Democrats’ Silicon Valley ministry of information quickly intervened on Biden’s behalf. Twitter posted a “correction” to Trump Jr.’s tweet, stating that people may be “confused” by an accurate depiction of history.

According to Twitter:

“People are confused by a Tweet from Donald Trum Jr, saying that President Biden ‘isn’t the next FDR he’s the next Jimmy Carter,’ given that former President Carter is a Nobel Peace Prize winner whose humanitarian record is largely respected."

While it is true that since he slinked out of Washington Carter spent decades rehabilitating his reputation. He has received widespread acclaim for his efforts while being recognized as an elder statesman, but the history books tell a far different story.

That drew a sharp response from Trump Jr. who tweeted:

Twitter’s intervention in favor of Biden serves as an exclamation point of how the almighty Big Tech companies control much of what Americans see and say on their platforms. They have become just another arm of the Democratic party and its brand of authoritarian politics.

It was only Wednesday that Facebook’s new Oversight Board reaffirmed Mark Zuckerberg’s ban on now-former President Donald J. Trump. The star chamber of leftist academics and ideologues has now been referred to as the social media giant’s “Supreme Court”.

The de-platforming of Trump was bad enough but now Silicon Valley is taking it one step further with the reshaping of history. This veers into the territory of George Orwell’s “1984”, when Big Brother and the ruling party made it impermissible to state even such basic facts as 2+2=4.

Biden’s delegation of authority on economic matters to far-left extremists and their Green New Deal policies is already resulting in disastrous returns. No matter how hard the Democrats’ censorship brigade works to protect him the facts still stand that he immediately destroyed thousands of jobs in the energy industry while incentivizing laziness with government money. By the time Biden is finished Jimmy Carter may be the one who looks like FDR by comparison.


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