Biden Distracts GOP While Dems Move To Kill Jobs

Republicans finally got their meeting with the president to talk about COVID relief, the only problem is during which Democrats were making moves to move ahead without their support.

Shortly following the meeting, President Biden told Democrats to move forward with his $1.9T relief anyway.

Biden has constantly been preaching he wants "unity" and a bipartisan agreement on the bill, but then he goes and does the complete opposite.

His actions show he and the left don't really care for the GOP's input they just want to put on a show for the people and move about however they please.

There has even been push back recently from some Democratic party members that see this is quickly becoming a dictatorship and there is no real interest in bipartisan unity.

One moderate Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., announced Tuesday he would support advancing the legislation using reconciliation but said he told Biden the focus must be "targeted on the COVID-19 crisis" and those most affected by the pandemic. But he told reporters he would not support a $15 minimum wage, a provision Democrats may have to cut if they want to pass the relief package through reconciliation.

If Democrats pass the full version of the COVID relief bill, which it looks like they ultimately will, it will kill millions of jobs across the country. Businesses that are barely holding on from being kept shut and/or extremely limited will now be expected to raise the pay for the employees they are barely holding onto.

The new administration and the radical left are off to a terrifying start for our country. Only interested in pushing their own agenda and trying to expel any true patriot that stands for the American people.

The games the left is playing are the exact reasons articles of expulsion where put into the constitution. If we do not use the tools we were given by our founders to stop the corruption in government, do we really have anyone to blame put ourselves?


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