Biden: Gov. Cuomo Is Still The "Gold Standard"

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki avoided a question Sunday on whether Joe Biden still considers New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 response the ‘gold standard’ in the midst of his nursing home scandal.

In a video clip Biden said, “Your governor of New York has done one hell of a job. I think he’s sort of the gold standard.”

Karl asked, “So, now, we’ve seen that Governor Cuomo has allegedly undercounted nursing home deaths, misled legislators in New York  and he called the New York Assemblyman Ron Kim, raising questions basically threatening to destroy him, I think was his actual words. So does President Biden still consider Andrew Cuomo the gold standard when it comes to leadership on the pandemic?”

‘Well, Jon, we work with Governor Cuomo, just like we work with governors across the country. He’s also chair of the NGA,’ Psaki responded. ‘So, he plays an important role in insuring that we’re coordinating closely and getting assistance out to people of his state and to states across the country. And we’ll continue to do that.’

“Of course, there will be a process, an investigations, we’ll leave that to others to determine how that path is going to move as we look forward. But we’ll continue to work with a range of governors, including of course Governor Cuomo, because we believe the people of New York, states across the country, need assistance not only to get through the pandemic but to get through this difficult economic time and that’s where our focus remains.”

Karl pressed, “Jen, my question was, does President Biden still believe that Andrew Cuomo represents the gold standard on leadership during this pandemic? Just a yes or no.”

Psaki said, “Well, it doesn’t always have to be a yes or no answer, Jon. I think the president is focused on his goal, his objectives as president of the United States. I’m not here to give new labels or names from the president, I’m here to communicate with you about what our focuses are and what his objectives are as president of the United States. He’ll continue to work with Governor Cuomo as well as other governors across the country. I’m not here to give new labels and names from the president. I’m here to communicate with our focuses are.”

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