Biden Is Gearing Up To Come After Guns

Now that he’s in office, President Joe Biden has yet to unveil details of his gun control agenda, but his comments on the campaign trail and since then suggest it will be ambitious.

For example, a month into his term, the Democratic chief executive is considering requiring purchasers of homemade firearms that lack serial numbers to undergo background checks, according to Politico, based on unidentified sources.

A White House official told the media outlet that Biden is looking at “every tool at our disposal, including executive actions.”

Biden’s outlook on the Second Amendment is significantly different from that of his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, who was generally supportive of gun ownership rights.

Former President Trump opposed proposals to restrict magazine capacity, prohibit the sale of popular rifles, impose federal licensing requirements for law-abiding gun owners, and mandate the registration of ammunition. He condemned frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers and bureaucratic harassment of firearms dealers and supported the successful repeal of a law that required the Social Security Administration to provide mental health information to a national background check system.

Some gun owners and activists were upset with Trump because he banned bump stocks and expressed support for so-called red flag laws while resisting the vast majority of the gun control movement’s proposals. Red flag laws allow petitioning a state court to remove firearms from someone a judge may determine is a danger to himself or others.

But, according to Michael Hammond, legislative counsel for Gun Owners of America (GOA), Biden’s agenda, which embraces red flag laws, banning popular AR-15 rifles, banning 3-D printing of guns, and mandating often unreliable “smart” guns, is “as extreme as you can get.”

“First of all, he wants to ban the most popular guns in America, the semiautomatics, AR-15s, and guns like that, which is probably unconstitutional,” Hammond told The Epoch Times in an interview.

“Second of all, he wants to do this universal background check, which in fact is a universal gun registry, and once they have the names of everyone who owns a gun, and once they know where they live, then they can stage a midnight raid under red flag gun confiscation and actually take the guns.”

“And of course the third element of his agenda is he is going to encourage municipalities and counties from very, very liberal jurisdictions to sue gun manufacturers and gun dealers in order to put them out of business in the same way that they almost put cigarette companies out of business.”

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  • We need to have a national recall, impeaachment effort against this whole administration.

  • No comment. He should stay in his house and I will stay in mine

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