"Biden Lied" Top Trending Search On Google

It only took Biden voters less than two weeks to regret their decision on giving their vote to Biden in the 2020 election.

I guess that's what happens when you sign 40 executive orders after previously saying only dictators rule by executive order, killing thousands of jobs while in the process of killing millions more, raising gas prices, stalling covid relief yet again and essentially breaking every other promise he ran.

With "Biden Lied" being one of the top trending topics for google searches, it's amazing that they are trying to portray that Biden has a 53% approval rating. Does the media and radical left really think we are falling for this?


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  • It’s all over but the crying!!! To all of the traitors who voted for him.

    Mr T was robbed undeniable evidence proof positive

    Like and share!!! (((WWG1WGA)))

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    Kathleen Monahan

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