Biden Snaps At Reporters Asking Questions: ‘I’ll Answer All Your Negative Questions-Not Negative’

Biden seemed irritated by repeated press questions on the Afghanistan military withdrawal on Friday, claiming he didn’t want to answer any more since it was the holiday weekend.

Following comments on June’s employment report, Biden received questions from reporters about the situation in Afghanistan, where the nation risks a potential Taliban takeover as US troops leave. Biden said he wanted to speak about “happy things.” after being asked about the country’s security problems and the exit schedule.

“I’m not going to answer any more … Look, it’s the Fourth of July,” Biden said after a fourth question on Afghanistan.

“I’m concerned that you guys are asking me questions that I’ll answer next week. But this is a holiday weekend, I’m going to celebrate it. There’s great things happening,” Biden continued.

Biden reeled off economic statistics in an attempt to defuse additional pressure on one of his presidency’s most important foreign policy choices.

“I’ll answer all your negative questions – not negative, your legitimate questions,” he said, trying to correct himself.

The remaining American soldiers are scheduled to depart Bagram Airfield near Kabul, Afghanistan, in the near future, leaving the Afghan military to deal with the Taliban.

He continued to be irritated the press by dismissing a remark about whether he was “confident” that Congress would approve his agenda.

“Come on, guys,” he said. “Look, folks. This is a process … I love you guys, but it’s a process.”

Biden’s lashing at journalists who ask him questions he doesn’t like isn’t new. After ripping a CNN reporter’s question about his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he apologized last month, informing her she was in the “wrong business.”

Benny Johnson shared the latest clip of Biden responding to reporters.

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