Biden Wants To Remove Conservatives From Military

President Biden is now apparently playing with the idea of removing conservatives from the military.

First of all, most of the military is Republican leaning so why in the world would you want to remove a large percentage of our troops? Well the left will argue that conservatives are "white-supremacist" that have to be removed.

Maybe those same Democrats should go through basic training to see how it forges random strangers into brothers for life. From getting into uniform to graduating basic training, you are taught you are one and no person is left behind. 

Regardless of skin color, religion or political view when you wear the uniform of a U.S. soldier you fight with your brothers to defend our constitutions, freedoms and liberties. PERIOD!

For any congressman or the President to say otherwise, is themselves an enemy to this Republic. Doesn't it sound eerily familiar to when the Democrats caused our country's Civil War, only now their party has the sitting president.

Democrats are flirting with starting their second civil war but this time portray that the Republicans are the "domestic terrorists," not them yet again. We are watching history repeat itself in front of our eyes. 

If the true patriots in congress do not step up and expel these corrupt members, the damage caused to this country will take generations to repair. Patriots must use the "political arrows in our quiver" now to expel the corruption in government, or the Democrats will lead us into civil war once again. 


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  • Why not 74 million of us suddenly register as a Democrat and simply destroy the Democratic Party from within?Thank you.


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