Biden's New AG Doesn't Know If Crossing The Border Illegally Is A Crime

President Joe Biden’s pick for Attorney General refused to answer whether crossing the border illegally is a crime. While admitting he really has no idea what the current position on this is and hasn't thought much about it. 

Great! So Biden is filling cabinet positions with people that admit to not having a clue to how to do their jobs.

Garland was appearing at his nomination for AG hearing on Monday and Sen. Josh Hawley asked the nominee whether he believes that illegally crossing our borders should remain a crime.

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  • Impeach biden

    Marian Markowski
  • What kind of legal scholar doesn’t know it illegal to enter another country bypassing checkpoints! Not to hard to grasp!

    John Clark
  • This Judge wants the job so is playing is waiting to get confirmed and not to make Uber liberal Biden mad he is not answering that loaded question! This new lefty President scares us all and will toy with open borders until he sees how expensive and Covid dangerous this is!! Mexico would love to get rid of all of these refugees!
    Only a loon would do this in the middle of a global pandemic we all feel!!

    Shirley Anne Salzgeber

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