Black Leadership Group: ‘Biden Used Black Americans To Ascend To The White House, But Has Basically Turned His Back On Them’


A black leader leadership organization recently torched President Joe Biden after his first State of the Union address before the joint Congress — with one going as far as saying that the Democratic chief executive “used black Americans to ascend to the White House” only to turn his back against them later on.

Project 21 — a 25-year-old group that is an “initiative” of The National Center for Public Policy Research to promote views of African-American — issued a statement lashing out at Biden as members gave the President “low marks” for his speech as they argued that the president’s black supporters “have been predictably ignored.”

The black leadership network said it “promotes the views of African-Americans whose entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to family and commitment to individual responsibility have not traditionally been echoed by the nation’s civil rights establishment,” according to their website.

“The policy needs of black Americans always come last with liberals – regardless of the high percentage of blacks who support them. President Biden claimed his administration is on track to cut child poverty in half, but failed to cite any metrics or data to support that claim,” Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington said.

She noted that 30% of black children live in poverty across the country and there are over 97,000 black children in foster care. 

Washington continued: “In less than 100 days, the Biden Administration has admitted over 20,000  migrant children into the country, putting their needs ahead of those of black children. What are your plans for American children, Mr. President? Black Americans want to know.”

“Biden used Black Americans”

Another member of Project 21 – Marie Fischer – commented:  “Joe Biden used black Americans to ascend to the White House, but has basically turned his back on them.”

“The examples are epic,” she added. “By allowing biological boys to compete in women’s sports, he will cause girls – especially black girls – to lose out on college scholarships that could help them attain a better life.”

Fischer also blasted the plan of the Biden administration to grant amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. 

Studies like one from the National Bureau of Economic Research have shown that, as illegal immigration increases, jobs become increasingly scarce for black Americans while incarceration rates rise. A $15 minimum wage will similarly decrease employment opportunities for black youth.”

“Biden got into office with the typical bait-and-switch that the left always uses on black America,” she added.

‘Divisiveness’ hurt black Americans

Another member of Project 21, Martin Baker, said Biden’s first 100 days in the White House was marked with “divisiveness” that hurts African-Americans. 

“A hundred days of divisiveness have hurt the black community, with damaging policies bringing more harm than help,” Baker commented.

“For example, while every other ethnic group has seen their unemployment numbers diminish, blacks have seen theirs rise since Biden entered office. A recent H&R Block survey of black-owned businesses revealed more than half have suffered from a 50% loss of revenue during this pandemic — yet Biden and his allies champion a higher minimum wage that would make the outlook even more bleak,” she said.

“These are not actions that benefit our community.”

‘Blacks predictably ignored’ 

Meanwhile, Derryck Green of the black leader leadership organization also slammed Biden’s posturing when he was seeking votes from African-Americans —  at one point even claiming that those who vote former Republican President Donald Trump “ain’t black.”

“Joe Biden once proclaimed in an interview on an urban radio station that, if blacks had trouble deciding between him and Donald Trump, they ‘ain’t black.’ 

“But what have those blacks who proved their authenticity received for their votes?”

“What they usually receive after blindly supporting liberal politicians: racialized talk about ‘justice’ and ‘equity’ and promises to support minority businesses, without significant action to actually empower American blacks trying to recover in a post-COVID economy,” he said. 

“Biden signed executive orders for gay and transgendered Americans, for illegal aliens and Latinos and for gender equity. But blacks have been predictably ignored.”

Several famous black personalities have earlier cited former President Trump’s achievement for the Black community — with former Georgia Democrat Vernon Jones even describing Trump as the ‘only one with a black agenda’ 


BET co-founder Robert Johnson, also noted that black Americans will benefit from Trump as his presidency as his focus on the economy and job creation strongly worked in favor of the Black community.

“I’m not fearful that a Trump reelection is gonna be an assault on the political, cultural, social rights of black Americans,” Johnson told CNBC ahead of the 2020 election. “It didn’t show up in the past four years in terms of economic opportunity.

He then went on to enumerate the achievements of the Trump admin for the black community including — historic unemployment rate for black Americans in over 50 years; and investments in black businesses and black communities through the Opportunity Zones, among others.

“I don’t see what the black community has gotten over the past eight years of Democratic leadership,” Johnson added referring to the presidency of former black American President Barack Obama.

“Before the pandemic hit, African-American unemployment was at an all-time low, jobs were plentiful and the economy was booming,” Carson said. 

“This doesn’t just happen out of thin air or due to empty speeches by former politicians. It happens through brave leadership. It happens because we have a leader with courage who stands up to give a voice to those who have been forgotten for far too long.”

He added: “It happens because we have a strong leader who takes decisive action when others before him only make empty promises.”


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