BREAKING NEWS: Democrats Pushing Stimulus Talks Until March

In the weeks since Joe Biden was inaugurated, he have heard all about how he is going to pass big bold covid relief.

Democrats have now revealed that they won't be able to get a deal back to President Biden until mid March at the earliest. This would put relief checks in American's bank accounts sometime in April.

Joe Biden has signed orders that sent billions overseas to countries that support terrorism and sent billions to fund and promote foreign abortions. The Democrats now continue their political theatre of unconstitutionally impeaching former President Trump, before working on relief for the American people.

You have to ask yourself, first why are they trying to impeach a former president and if there is no time limit in the constitution to hold an impeachment trial then why in the world would it take precedence over providing relief to the Americans that have been forced to close their business? 

Every Democrat and rhino congressman should have articles of expulsion filed against them for putting their political party over the well-being of the American people and country. As Americans we have to take back our government and 2021 is the year we do it!


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