Chicago Mayor Threatens To Take Action If Schools Don't Reopen

On Sunday the Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot said “All teachers, pre-K through eight and cluster teachers must report. If you don’t have an approved accommodation, we expect to see you back in class. Those who do not report to work, I don't even want to go there but we will have to take action. Let’s avoid that.”

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has responded by threatening to go on strike, saying there has been no changes to their covid protocols. No teachers have been vaccinated and there have been no changes made to the safety practices in place.

If the CTU goes on strike and they lock the teachers out of the system this would cancel virtual learning and the third largest school system in the country would be put on hold.

Without teachers being vaccinated, no change to any of the safety measures and covid cases at a supposed all time high. You have to ask how Mayor Lightfoot can use the data and science to say now is the time to reopen.

Democratic leaders like Mayor Lightfoot have kept their cities and states closed since March 2020, waging a political war against former President Trump using their citizens as their puppets.

These leaders must be recalled from their positions for putting their political hatred for President Trump above the lives of the American people. 


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