Democrats Move To Cancel Conservative Leaders

In recent weeks we have seen congresswoman from New York, AOC, state that Republican Leaders Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley should step down from their positions. Now the Democrats are calling for North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn to step down from his position. The same man that was passing out pizzas to our amazing service men and women that were forced into a cold parking garage after being puppeteered by the left. When is the last time you saw Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, AOC or any of the left showing thanks to our great troops?

Not even a full week into their reign of power, the Democrats are threatening to erase you from history if you speak against them, all while they have been calling for "unity". As Conservatives, we need to fight harder than we ever have to keep our rights and liberties we love as Americans.

*Check out the videos below of Rep. Madison Cawthor's interview (time stamp: 6:40-16:16) on OAN and passing out pizzas to our great troops.

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  • How about some our representatives start DEMANDING that Pelosi, Schumer, AOC and the rest of the America haters STEP DOWN!!!

    Michael Willoughby

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