Even the Fact-Checkers Admit Democrats Are Fudging Bipartisan Support for Biden's Jobs Plan


The Biden administration and Democrats have touted the so-called American Jobs Plan, a $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, as having bipartisan support — but a fact-checker just destroyed their facade.

The analysis Monday by FactCheck.org found that President Joe Biden and his team are spinning the public’s opinion on the matter.

The fact-checker noted that the White House has been using a poll from the Data for Progress and Invest in America that said 73 percent of likely voters supported the plan, including 57 percent of Republicans.

It cited Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s comments regarding the bill making the specious claim.

“What do modernized roads, reliable transit, safe water systems, clean energy, and millions of good-paying jobs have in common? Strong bipartisan support,” Buttigieg tweeted earlier this month, sharing the poll results.

In addition, the administration quoted the survey in a news release to promote the legislation on April 6.

“A new poll, released today by Invest in America and Data for Progress shows that President Biden’s American Jobs Plan is overwhelmingly popular with Americans of both parties. 73% of respondents, including 67% of Independents and 57% of Republicans, support the American Jobs Plan,” the release said.

“The President is proposing a plan that America needs, and this poll proves his plan is what Americans want,” it said.

So why should the poll the administration used not be taken seriously?

According to the fact-checker, Data for Progress and Invest for America are left-leaning organizations and the polling question was skewed to help the Democrats’ messaging.

Here the question they posed to likely voters, which left out the more controversial parts of the bill:

The American Jobs Plan is a proposal to spend $2.25 trillion on infrastructure investments over eight years. The plan includes funding for the following:

• Repairing roads, bridges, and schools.
• Repairing drinking water systems.
• Investing in American manufacturing.
• Expanding internet service.
• Modernizing America’s electrical grid.
• Creating millions of good-paying jobs in a modern American energy sector.
• Funding the cleanup of mines and abandoned gas wells.

Do you support or oppose the American Jobs Plan?

“By our calculation, using a breakdown of spending provided by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, those listed items make up, generously, a little more than half the spending in the bill,” FactCheck.org said.

“As we have written, Democrats have taken a more expansive view of infrastructure to include such things as elder care, child care, and research and development,” it said.

Other polling from The New York Times and Quinnipiac has concluded that Republicans are significantly less likely to support the American Jobs Plan.

In addition, no Republicans in Congress have backed the bill, further debunking the claims of “strong bipartisan support.”

While the administration would like to think that its ideas are popular, it is lacking an earnest effort to compromise with conservatives.


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