FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Isn't Creating Green New Jobs

On Wednesday, it was "Climate Day" at the White House as Biden called it. He signed yet more executive orders aimed at destroying more energy jobs and shifting our energy dependency to Russia and China.

Biden said that "this transition is not going to lose jobs but yet it will create jobs." Yet in 2009 under the Obama-Biden administration they pushed the same agenda, spending over $23 billion of tax payers money and promising over 5 million new energy jobs that never materialized.

What jobs has Biden proposed replacing the oil industry jobs with? Solar panel or wind turbine manufacturing jobs? No, those are all made in China. All he has mentioned so far is jobs to cap off those oil wells and continue to push our energy dependency overseas.

The whole plan of "creating new green jobs" really means continue to line the Biden family pockets at the expense of the American tax payer. Hunter Biden started Hudson West who is business partners with CEFC China Energy who was taken over by the CCP run Shanghai Guosheng Group in 2018. Hunter also was on the board of Burisma a holding company for a group of energy exploration and production companies. President Biden is killing the American oil industry to put our dependency in companies that the Biden family has equity (his new favorite word) in.

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  • I want justice!
    I feel betrayed by our courts!


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