Gavin Newsom Lifts Stay At Home Order

The governor of California has now lifted the stay at home order. He says it was not a political decision. Even though we won't release the data he used to justify the reason for keeping the stay at home order in place for almost a full year.

You have to ask yourself what has changed in the last week that has made the governor change his mind? Are cases down? No, he just called back the naval hospital ship back to California because they are running out of hospital beds. The only reason we could come to is that Trump is out of office so they can now open the economy back up. 

The governor of California has spent the last 10 months telling people they can't open their business while he is eating at Michelin starred restaurants. I understand if you don't agree with the President but you do not play games with millions and millions of peoples lives and creating more debt just to make the current President look bad. That is a disgusting move the Democrats have been playing and they all deserve to be removed from their positions.

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  • Agree!
    We shall pray and continue to get these devils’ advocates out of their positions of power.
    Let’s allow truth and justice to prevail in America.


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