GOP Calls For Cuomo To Resign

Here we go folks, it begins...

The true patriots in the GOP are demanding the Democrat and Republican state senators and the DOJ to immediately issue subpoenas and for President Biden to publicly announce an investigation into New York Governor Cuomo's mishandling of COVID numbers.

The political games these Democratic leaders have played with the lives of the American people is finally coming to light. The Democrat party is still trying to point fingers and take the blame away from themselves, but they have run out of options and the fingers are now pointing within their own party.

After the Democratic Attorney General of New York released information showing how Cuomo mishandled the number of COVID deaths in nursing homes, Cuomo tried to place the blame on the federal government. Not the fact he was busy writing a book and winning an Emmy.

The American people deserve truth and transparency

and that's why we must continue this fight in removing these corrupt leaders from their office. There will be no more playing politics with the American people's lives. 

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