It's Now Dictator Biden To You

In the months leading up to the election, the current president said "we live in a democracy, we have to work with our colleagues, only dictators rule by executive order." Referring to President Trump "ruling as a dictator" anytime he signed executive order.

One week into his term, President Biden has signed a total of 33 executive orders so far. More executive orders than Trump signed in his first 100 days and 2 times more executive orders than the last 3 presidents combined.

Since the current president has taken office, his actions have been the complete opposite of the words he ran on. Most times refusing to take questions by the media, he signs his executive orders, gives a speech and then leaves the room. His press secretary, Jen Psalki, routinely answers with "I'll have to get more information for you on that." Sounds more like a puppet for the radical left that has been placed into office more than a president elected by the people.

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