Joe And Hunter Just Cashed In

On Wednesday Dictator Biden signed yet another round of executive orders aimed at "tackling climate change". But these executive actions are not about a transition to clean energy.

With Biden stopping the construction on the Keystone pipeline and killing exploration for oil on federal land, this makes the U.S. rely heavily on other countries like Russia, Venezuela, Iran and China.

Just weeks ago it was released that Biden's son Hunter is business partners with Chinese energy companies. With the U.S. now becoming more reliant on China this obviously is going to make Hunter much richer. Biden's actions so quickly really makes those "rumors" that the Big Guy gets his cut look true and that Biden is putting the wealth of his family above the American people yet again. 

*Checkout the short video of Ted Cruz talking about Biden's clear relationship with China.

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  • If this goes on much longer the charades we have at the “Whitehouse” are going to be the norm. What do we do as people of working class . I’m all done giving money to Republicans or anyone else. It does no good .

  • The Biden’s are corrupt and need to go now!!!!!!!


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