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Kamala Harris Bailing Out Violent Criminals and Rapists

Do you find it troubling that Vice President would fundraise during their campaign to bail violent criminals out of jail? Well... Kamala Harris and the radical left don't think you should.

During the "summer of love," Harris was actively fundraising for the Minnesota Freedom Fund an organization connected with Act Blue, raising over $35 million with the help of other celebrities like Steve Carell, Cynthia Nixon, and Seth Rogen. 

The Fund has been exposed for bailing out criminals in the recent weeks.

Timothy Wayne Columbus, 36, was bailed after being charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly raping a young girl in 2015.

Darnika Floyd, charged with second-degree murder after allegedly stabbing a friend to death for refusing sex, and twice-convicted rapist Christopher Boswell, charged with sexual assault and kidnapping.

Donavan Dexter Boone, 31, allegedly broke into his son’s mother’s apartment and strangled her in front of her young children.

Davlin Devonte Gates, 28, also allegedly strangled a woman, just days after they moved in together.

Marcus Marshun Butler, 40, also allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, and Tyrone Thomas Shields, 53, allegedly left a “larger than golf sized bump” on his wife’s head, the outlet reported.

Reece Omaur Bonneville, 29, allegedly assaulted his partner and two officers who came to arrest him. Matthew Owens Earl Thompson, 29, allegedly “pushed his way” into his partner’s house.

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