Ms. Circle Back Girl Needs To Screen Questions Before Press Conference

On Tuesday, it was revealed that the Biden administration typically screens the questions before press conferences with Jen Psaki.

This will really leave you with some questions because Ms. Psaki seems to barely be able to answer any questions. Known for her favorite response, " I'll have to circle back to you one that one" it really makes you scratch your head as to what's going on here.

But what's really even more puzzling is now she seems to be getting frustrated with questions she already knows are coming?  I guess she shouldn't be asked questions more than "Does Biden plan to keep the color scheme on Air Force One?" Which by the way she of course didn't have an answer for.

By their actions the new administration is expecting everyone to just go along for the ride without wondering where we're going. No need to worry they'll let us know when they're there.

Just image if the roles were reversed and Kayleigh Mcenany had screened questions or never had any kind of answer to the questions, the corporate media would have trashed her as much as possible.

The double standard is impossible to ignore and the American people deserve transparency no matter what. And when "Biden Lied" is a trending search topic you know the American people feel like they aren't getting transparency.


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