Pelosi Making Millions Off Her Position Again

In the last month or so, Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul have bought options into a few key stocks worth $3.5 million. The main stock raising eyebrows is Tesla. With Joe Biden and rest of the Democrats now pushing to change the fleet of government vehicles to all electric you can see why this is raising some questions.

Nancy being the speaker of the house uses her position to influence what bills they will pass and what bills they don't. She knows if she can persuade her cronies and by persuade we mean tell them to invest in Tesla, then they all will be getting a huge payday when the government decides to go green. 

This is a game Nancy Pelosi has played her entire political career. She puts the well being of the American people on the line time and time again, while she picks and chooses what is best for her pockets. 

This is a problem that we as Americans need to address now. We can't continue letting our elected members of congress keep getting rich while they play games with America's future. Contact your state representatives and strongly demand they file articles of expulsion with the House Committee. It's time for Nancy to go!

*Checkout the video below of Kevin In Colorado talking about Pelosi and her political games and if you have some dollars laying around maybe look into Tesla.

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