Photo: Biden Embarrasses America in Front of World Leaders, Looks Incredibly Weak


President Joe Biden stood out among 40 world leaders on the first day of the virtual Earth Day climate summit on Thursday for two reasons and neither was positive.

Biden was the only head of state to wear a mask — at a virtual event. And he is fully vaccinated. Did he really believe he was in danger of contracting COVID-19 or was he just virtue signaling?

The reason doesn’t make a difference.

He appeared weak, fearful, feeble even. Therefore, America appears weak, fearful and feeble.

This is not a good look for the leader of the free world.

The second takeaway from this photo is that there is no American flag behind him. Is he not proud of the nation he represents, which was once the greatest nation on the planet? I needn’t even ask that question. Biden’s actions over the past three months have only served to diminish America.

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