Radical Left Uses Capitol Protest To Push Agenda

In the weeks following the protest at the US Capitol, the corporate media has been constantly saying this is the worst day in US history and using it to push the radical left's agenda. Keeping troops at the Capitol indefinitely, putting up a permanent wall around the white house and now pushing to make carrying a gun illegal for lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

The radical left and their robin, the corporate media, are ignoring the facts that in 1915 the Senate reception room was bombed. In 1954, 4 armed protestors stormed the House floor wounding five Congressmen. In the early 70's, an anti-Vietnam War group planted explosives in the Senate wing of the Capitol causing extensive damage. Now BLM administer, Susan Rosenberg and others planted a bomb in the Senate of the Capitol causing over $250,000 worth of damage. And by far the worst day in history for the US Capitol building was Aug. 24 1814, when British troops set the Capitol Building on fire, luckily being extinguished by a torrential downpour. 

All these events are far worse than what happened at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6 2021. But at no point after any of those events did politicians paint it to fit their narrative and push their ideas. If we do not put a stop to the radical lefts games, they will continue making up their own history to push their agenda and America as we know it will be gone forever.

*Checkout the short video below of some of the events that have happened at the US Capitol building.

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