Radical Left Pulling Biden's Strings

Puppet Biden gave a press conference today about his "American Rescue Plan." Getting up to his podium, rambles off his teleprompter and abruptly walks away before anyone can ask any questions.

If the signs aren't clear to you yet that Biden has no interest in bipartisan unity and the radical left is pulling his strings, I pray you wake up soon. Because the fate of this country depends on all of us.

If Trump or his administration had refused to answer questions or when they did answer it was " I'll have to circle back to you" that leftstream media and radical left would have been calling him a dictator even more than they did.

Simply ignoring that Biden has signed more executive orders already than the last five presidents combined and refusing to ask more than "where is the president's first vacation going to be?"

During the debates he said he was against the green new deal but now all his actions have been pushing us into the deal without any bipartisan support and has broken every other promise he ran out.

Biden slogan "Build Back Better" wasn't meant for the American people it was meant for his radical left cronies to take back control and cancel anyone in their path.

Now all his press conference are filled with more promises we doesn't plan to fulfill. He says he will create millions of jobs more than doing nothing (well no shit) and bring back employment levels to pre pandemic levels.

That'll happen when you stop keeping businesses closed and allow the economy to reopen. He has not elaborated on any jobs he plans to create replacing the thousands he has already cancelled. Thankfully members from bother parties blocked his minimum wage hike that would have killed millions of more jobs.

The only plans Biden and the left have revealed with their actions is to continue their corruption lining their pockets at the cost of American jobs and lives. Biden can sit at his podium and preach whatever he wants but until his actions proof otherwise, he will keep destroying this country and hurting the American people.


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