Tom Cotton Puts Biden On Notice, Gets Access To Hunter’s Gun Background Check To Probe For Crimes


Hunter and Joe Biden just got some bad news from Joe Biden’s nominee to be director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), David Chipman. GOP Senators got a key concession from him yesterday on the Hill when he said if confirmed he will turn over records related to Hunter Biden’s firearm purchase.

Hunter Biden filled out a background check in October 2018 to buy the gun, and on that form he had to state that he was not addicted to any substances. In his new book he says he was addicted to drugs at the time – lying on an ATF form is a felony that can carry a 10-year prison sentence with a $250,000 fine.

Chuck Grassley said: Mr. Chipman, on March 25th, this year, Senator Johnson and I wrote to ATF asking for records relating to the October 2018 Hunter Biden firearm incident. In response to my letter, ATF has refused to provide any records, citing the Freedom of Information Act, which is totally irrelevant to ATF’s responsibility to comply with legitimate congressional oversight requests.

Congress isn’t subject to FOIA restrictions and ATF’s use of the law as a shield is incompetent. If confirmed, what steps will you take to produce records to this Committee relating to Hunter Biden’s October 2018 firearm incident?

Chipman said: Senator Grassley, thank you for asking me this question. If I am confirmed as ATF director, I will abide by all ATF policies and DOJ policies to ensure that you receive the records that you require.”

Tom Cotton said: Mr. Chipman, you testified to Senator Lee that it’s a serious felony to lie on a background check application. I agree. The ATF form 4473 asks, ‘Are you unlawful user of or addicted to any drug or uncontrolled substance?’ If an applicant checks ‘yes,’ they cannot purchase a firearm.

On March 25, Politico reported that Hunter Biden, President Biden’s son, applied for a handgun that was later thrown in the trash and had to be recovered by Secret Service agents in 2018.

Politico reported that Hunter Biden completed this background check and answered ‘no’ to the question of whether he was an unlawful user of or addicted to any drug. Hunter Biden has since published a book and gone on a nationwide book tour, conducting numerous interviews stating that he was in fact very much addicted to drugs at the same time that he purchased this firearm.

This would mean that by his own admission, Hunter Biden lied on that form, and by your earlier testimony, committed a serious felony. Should Hunter Biden be prosecuted for breaking this law?

Chipman said: Senator, thank you for your question. If I’m confirmed as ATF director, it will be my responsibility to enforce all federal laws without political favor. I do not know any factors in this particular case, but I am familiar with the press account of it.

Cotton said: Well, my understanding is the statute of limitation is only five years and that this happened in 2018. Mr. Biden is obligated to keep a record of that form for up to five years himself.

So, this should be a fairly easy case to investigate. Can I get your commitment that if you are confirmed, you will, in fact, look into this matter and refer it for prosecution if you find that Hunter Biden violated the law?

Chipman said: Senator, what I will assure you is that if ATF director, I will ensure that all violations of law are investigated and referred. I’m not sure that it has not been investigated.

Cotton said: Well, I hope it has and if the facts are as clear cut as they appear to be based on Mr. Biden’s own admission, I would expect to see criminal charges forthcoming.

But I would say that when a case is as high-profile as this, if there is not an answer for the American people [in] public, it severely undermines the confidence in our gun laws, as well as the ATF and the Department of Justice if there are not criminal consequences.

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