Video: Biden Admin Refuses To Answer Abortion Question

At a recent press conference Biden's press secretary Jen Psaki was asked if the covid relief bill would have a portion in it that included tax payer funded abortions even though most Americans are against funding abortions with tax dollars. 

Psaki avoided answering the question directly and instead replied that 75% of Americans want the covid bill passed. Once again Democrats are telling the American people until they get their way everyone gets nothing.

This political game has to stop, people have lost their houses, cars, jobs families and lives and the Democrats continue to drag out the problem they created.

If relief was REALLY a priority for them, they would be at the Capitol until the bill was passed and signed. We know this because when they WANTED to impeach the president, the articles were ready within 2 days of Jan. 6. 

When is enough, enough? 

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