White House Looks To Target Republican Run States With Travel Restrictions

The radical left is furthering their assaults' on Republicans and anyone that stands in their way of achieving their goal of a socialist country.

The White House announced that they are looking to restrict travel from the state of Florida due to the fact "the state has exploded with the much more contagious U.K. version of the China virus."

While Biden has no plans to restrict domestic travel from New York or California who both have almost twice the deaths as Florida and more or equal number of cases.

As well as both states receiving the same if not more international travel as Florida, Biden's plan to only restrict travel in Florida makes absolutely no sense.

If you can't see this is a political war against Republicans and the Democrats are attempting to punish them for having a different view, you really need to wake up!

Having different opinions and debates is one of the things that makes this country great and if you do not agree with the values of our founding fathers and want to continue to try to destroy this country, Patriots will gladly buy you a plane ticket and help you get the hell out!

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  • The left had no problem with all the dems moving to Georgia for the election. Oh yeah and all the demos moving from California to Texas. That was ok too.


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