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Why Is Joe Biden Flying On The Smaller Version Of "Air Force One"

President Biden flew home for his first trip aboard Air Force One, only he flew on the smaller C-32 not the (VC-25A) everyone knows as "Air Force One."


These smaller versions of the presidential plane are normally used to transport the vice president, first lady or secretary of state but can also be used to transport the president if the airport destination is too small for the bigger (VC-25A).

Which is the reason the media is giving for Biden using the C-32 for his quick trip to Delaware, saying that the airport is too small for the bigger (VC-25A) but it never seemed to be too small when Obama flew into the same airport in Delaware. 

The media also asked Biden how his first flight on Air Force One was as President and he said he didn't even think about it but it was much nicer than the plane he used as vice president. 

I'm not saying Biden is not the real president and this is all a conspiracy but something weird is going on. It's completely normal for a president to use the C-32 planes to travel as Obama and Trump both did. 
So why the misleading from the media? Saying the reason Biden is on the C-32 is due to the airport being to small when there are photos of Obama flying into the same airport on the (VC-25A) or portray Biden was actually on (VC-25A) by saying it is much nicer than the C-32 he used as vice president.
Just be transparent and tell the truth, if their gonna lie for no reason about what plane Biden is on then I'm terrified to know what else they are covering up.
(See the difference)


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