Will The Left Invoke The 25th or Just Take Biden Out?

The radical left is still trying to paint the picture that they are the victims from Trump's angry army. In the article from Axios below they show how the panel appointed by Congress is recommending that they beef up security as there are still "threats" against Biden.


A panel appointed by Congress to review security measures at the Capitol is recommending several changes, including mobile fencing and a bigger Capitol police force, to safeguard the area after a riotous mob breached the building on Jan. 6.

Why it matters: Law enforcement officials have warned there could be new plots to attack the area and target lawmakers, including during a speech President Biden is expected to give to a joint session of Congress.

The highlights of the recommendations by the Capitol review panel, appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and led by retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, according to the report:

  • Mobile or retractable fencing should be erected around the Capitol and members' office buildings.
  • The Capitol Police force should be expanded by 1,100, including by filling approximately 300 current vacancies.
  • A Quick Reaction Force should be established to assist with responding to emergencies in the Capitol region to replace the current National Guard presence. Authors of the report say the National Guard "is not a permanent solution."
  • Allocate funds toward increased security for members of Congress in their home district offices and residences.
  • Expand and enhance background checks for Capitol I.D. cardholders.
  • Capitol Police headquarters are "subpar" and require "substantial renovation or replacement."
  • Some details of the report were first reported by Fox News.

What's next: Honoré, along with other experts who served on the Capitol review panel, will brief members of Congress on their recommendations Monday afternoon.

  • Retired Lt. Gens. Jeff Buchanan and Karen Gibson and retired Maj. Gens. Errol Schwartz and Linda Singh, part of the new task force assisting in the review, will participate in Monday's briefing.

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  • And these idiots screamed for defending the police. She is the biggest hypocrite on the face of the planet. I despise her. She’s the shitstain of humanity

  • Sounds like a they are planning a military take over and putting Pelosi in as new dictator for life.

    Joseph Lanier
  • Sounds like another money laundering effort

    Tina Brandalise

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