Democrats Erasing History

What is the best way to get away with corruption? Simply erase it from history and rewrite your own story however you'd like. 

Well at least, that's what the Democrats think. On day 1, President Biden signed an executive order removing the 1776 Report published only two days prior. I completely understand that the left does not want the facts known, that they started the first civil war refusing to give up slaves, then ran on a platform to arrest "runaway slaves" and put them back into slavery, started the KKK, expanded welfare in the 1960's which drove divorce rate and crime rates through the roof at almost the exact same rate and have now pulled off the greatest election scam in history. But the facts are the left doesn't have the right to choose what we get to learn, we as the American people in a free society should have that right.

We can discuss all day long, who killed JFK, did we land on the moon, is the earth flat and what happened on 9/11 but don't you dare question anything the left is saying because they think they can simply erase you from history and rewrite their own story. My question is now that people are awakening to this, how long has this been happening and how much of our history is a fabricated lie?

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  • I saw the report before it was gone. It was amazing article on our history that is not being taught today. How can we get a copy of this?

  • These people need to be stopped before our country is gone! I love our country and it makes me very sad what is going on. I do want to thank President Trump for everything he has done. Love ya man!!!!

    Daniel Virt
  • Something got to be done to stop this mess we are in right now and get this country back on track like Trump had it and curruption taken care of…..

    Michael Misenheimer

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