PROOF: CNN Supports Manufacturing Evidence ONLY If It Fits Their Story

CNN recently released an article in which they support Rep. Jamie Raskin manipulating tweets and editing of Trump speeches.

In their article they state that because twitter locked the President account that they had to recreate the tweets to be able to use them as evidence. Only Raskin didn't get his dates right on the tweets and Trump's attorneys made sure to point this out.

Trump's attorneys also pointed out that Raskin had added a verified blue checkmark to the twitter users account and changed their profile picture. Which they asked Raskin " did you try to make her account more significant or were you just sloppy?"

House managers additionally used clips of the former president's speeches and used the words out of context to try to construe Trump's words into what they felt like they meant by his words.

Now CNN and the left stream media is rushing to try to defend the house managers saying they had to recreate the tweets, twitter blocked the president. 

Well CNN... if you can't get the original evidence it is ILLEGAL to manufacture evidence and enter it into a trial, especially when you are representing these tweets as the original. Using clips of a speech taken out of context just exposes your political war even further.

Every House Manager should be removed from their positions for lying under oath in an impeachment trial to push their political agenda and charges brought against them. 

They have drug President Trump through the mud every chance they have gotten. Today we cut the rope and stop the manipulative corrupt politicians and stand for truth and transparency!


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