Radical Left Grasping At Straws, Now Trying To Cancel A Grocery Store!

It was recently revealed that the heiress to the southeastern grocery store chain, Publix donated $300,000 to the Trump rally on Jan. 6 and now the radical is calling to boycott the grocery store.

 Publix employs 200 thousand employees across the south east and those employees are now having their jobs threatened because the radical left disagrees with the owner's daughter's donations. When will this ridiculous "cancel culture" end? It is never ok to go after people's livelihoods because you have a different political view than their employer. 

If you live anyone near a Publix make sure you get your shopping done there to show your support against cancel culture. We can not continue to let the radical left destroy people's lives because they don't play for the same team.

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  • I think we should hold those accountable who invested in those cursed voting contraptions, the companies who donated to the BiteMe Heretic campaign and even the private donors …

    I am finished with these vindictive, mindless bastards!

    Michael Stephen Snead
  • I like Publix very much and shop there regularly. I’m proud that she donated to the ralley. Publix is a great store

    Doug Noland
  • More reason to buy my groceries there.

    Mayra Upchurch
  • I love Publix and support their donation to Trump.

    Karie Stultz

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