So Then Who Has Pelosi's Laptop?

On Tuesday, the lawyer for Riley Williams, the woman accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi's laptop released a statement saying "“They’ve searched everywhere, and she does not have the computer." Her attorney also stated that "her abusive ex boyfriend had access to her social media accounts and was posting things under her name."

So if the FBI can't find any trace of Williams ever having Pelosi's laptop, where is it? Well, no one actually knows where the laptop is currently but it is definitely making General McInemey's story look a whole lot more credible.

 What makes things even weirder, the picture below is from Williams discord account and federal authorities say it's a screen shot of a video from when they stole Pelosi's laptop. The video shows General McInemey telling how there was a military operation at the Capitol and the military took Pelosi's laptop. 

Well take a look at the 2 guys hurrying down the stairs, don't their jackets like identical to the two guys taking the laptop in the picture? Now could multiple people have been wearing similar jackets that day? Sure, that is definitely possible but the fact that no one knows where the laptop is still really raises some questions and makes one wonder is that why Pelosi has been acting crazier than normal lately?

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you think they are the same people and do you think the military has Pelosi's laptop?


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  • Pelosi her self probably stole her own laptop it was all set up anyway. they let them people in that capital the police did not even stop them.


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