Steven Crowder Sues Facebook

Bill Richmond, the lawyer for BlazeTV host Steven Crowder, announced Monday he has begun filing a lawsuit against Facebook Inc. over "unfair competition, fraud, false advertising, and antitrust" violations.

The lawsuit is set to be filed this week in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and will seek injunctive relief as well as monetary damages, according to a summary of the filing posted on Crowder's website.

Richmond, who is jokingly referred to on the set as Crowder's "half-Asian lawyer," was unusually straight-faced during Monday's show as he shared details about the lawsuit, which he expects will pull him away from the show for the foreseeable future.

"This times different. The reason why it's different is because we're going after Facebook based on its own words and its own premises," Richmond added.

He referenced a 2016 report published by Gizmodo in which former Facebook employees admitted to "routinely" suppressing conservative news. In the aftermath of that article, Facebook has publicly denied that it censors conservatives any more.

Richmond added that the lawsuit is "pro-business, anti-fraud," saying, "you can run a business however you want — if you were a social media platform or any kind of business and you wanted to allow certain types of content or certain types of customers in your store or on your platform, you're allowed to do it — but what you can't do is lie."


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  • I am a Roman Catholic who grew up and live in MO. I told them that I had a heart attack and two strokes and my family lives all over the country. I do not carry a cell phone and I have never carried a cell phone. Face book was really my only mean’s of contact with my family and freinds. I posted many things about Jesus and they kept me blocked this past year. Over and over again punishing me. I am pro life and pro Trump. They kept me locked out often when I had done nothing wrong. I finally posted a GIF little king and called it Mark Suckerberg and talked about how he was tossing people in the dungeon’s/prison! He enjoyed this analogy. But when I posted a fat baby with a rattle and said the was crying "Mommy! This person does not think like me! This person is different then me! He first blocked me for a month and then booted me off the sight. As a company working in America this is and was first against my religious liberty. I complained often about the blasphemous GIF’s that I found all the time and how I was canceled/put in prison for religious posts! How is this possibly in America. He was prejudice because I am a Catholic he reminded me of Hitler! Hitler too hated Catholics, blacks, and Jews!

    Suzette Celene Vallieres

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