The Radical Left Is Trying To Erase Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell C.E.O. of My Pillow spent millions of his own dollars traveling around the country fighting for our great president, to make sure that the voter fraud that happened in the 2020 election doesn't get suppressed and the evidence is seen.

Now Mr. Lindell and My Pillow are being dropped from all major retailers because of his support for President Trump. Mr. Lindell's livelihood is being threatened because of his political stance. This is not the America our founders indented to create and the radical left will continue to try and cancel anyone that disagrees with them.

As conservatives he have to stand together and support each other. I highly encourage everyone to go My Pillow and pick up one of their great products today. All their products are made here in the U.S.A. and are amazing quality. Let's show brick and mortar retails it's their loss to cut business with such a great company!

*Checkout the short video below of Mr. Lindell explaining how he is being censored and please make sure to head over to My Pillow and support a great person and company.

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