2020 Democrat Platform Reveals Shocking Election Statement

Republican Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli talks exclusive with The Gateway Pundit’s correspondent Jordan Conradson regarding a recent statement released by the Democrat platform.

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“We must give voters the confidence that their ballot was counted as cast by supporting mandatory, statistically meaningful post-election audits and full transparency of all election results and data. To ensure every eligible ballot is counted, vote-by-mail voters must be informed of and provided a meaningful opportunity to fix any problem with their ballot. A professional and well-trained election workforce is critical to the administration of elections. We support ongoing federal and state funding for local elections offices,” correspondent Jordan Conradson read to Sen. Borrelli.

“Sounds great, huh? Sounds like we should have bipartisan support because that came out of the 2020 Democrat Party platform,” Sen. Borrelli responded.

If we could secure elections for other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and and and spend billions of dollars of American blood and treasure. We’re up to protect somebody else in a foreign country for their right to vote. For the Iraqi woman to vote for the very first time in her life. And we lose soldiers because of that, coming back in a coffin or they’re coming back maimed. We can spill all that blood? If we can secure their elections, we should be able to do our own,” Sen. Borrelli continued.

“So to actually audit the county elections department should not an uncommon thing. I think this should be a more commonplace thing. We need to make sure that we’re following the proper procedures and policies and they are following the statute the way it’s written by the State Legislature. We don’t need the Executive Branch or the Judicial Branch to oversee this. However, if there are some things that are being violated that need to be referred to the judiciary, that we will do so. If we need the governor’s support on something, like a special session, for whatever reason that it warrants that, we will absolutely do that,” Sen. Borrelli also stated.

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