America and Allies Call For Biden To Step Down

In the days following the chaos in Kabul which has turned into all out war with Americans trapped with no way out, many Americans and our allies are calling for Biden to either get the situation under control immediately or to step down.

Political leaders from allied countries are publicly speaking out against Biden and his handling of the Afghan situation. Saying Biden is not taking responsibility for a failed plan and blaming it on the Afghan citizens and military. Also stating that the world needs to see a leader in his position not someone that blames everyone else.

As well as managing to make the US military look weak and unorganized. Giving our enemies every reason to believe the US is not nearly as strong under Biden as we've been in the past.

Even CNN has been forced to jump ship and swim for their lives, as the Biden regime falls to pieces. Throwing Biden under the bus calling the situation an absolute mess that Biden has no control over.

And you know if CNN has turned on Biden, we are only days away from Biden stepping down. The media was Biden's only supporter and without that, he will be forced to vacate the office.

and rightfully so.

Who knew the visual scenes of the chaos in Kabul would actually represent the behind the curtain scenes of the Biden administration.


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