Biden Admin: Vaccines For Illegal Immigrants

This week the Biden administration announced they wanted to give the covid vaccine to undocumented immigrants and Republicans are saying this will cause even more chaos at the border.

With 78,000 people stopped crossing the border last month and thousands more on their way to the border, the Biden admin has now had to constructed tent cities to house them in. Now the Biden administration is saying they need to make sure all these immigrates get the covid vaccine, arguing that the virus can spread easily in the tent cities.

Republicans are worried this will encourage an even greater influx of illegal immigrants to the border. They also worry that the Biden administration will start delivering vaccines to the tent cities before American citizens have fully had the chance to get vaccinated. 

This is yet another case of the Biden administration putting foreign citizens before the American people, or the vaccines really don't matter because covid is not as bad as they have made it out to be . I'll let them decide.


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