Biden Blames Trump For Afghanistan and Then Goes Back on Vacation

Instead of Biden admitting to his failed attempt at pulling troops from Afghanistan, he decided he'd play the classic Democrat card and blame President Trump.

Biden how in the world is this on President Trump?

Remember when you first stole the office from our president and you said you weren't removing troops and then you back tracked and tried to make a public image and drama out of it by citing you would pull the troops out on 9/11/21 to mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Then you changed course once again by not sticking to the original plan Trump had in place and replaced it with a half thought out "ahh we'll just do whatever" plan, which has now left the entire country of Afghanistan in shambles. 

And you decided let's pull everyone at once and the entire world watched the Taliban gain control of political palaces and military weapons under your watch, not President Trump!

Now after seeing this you have doubled troops going back to the place they just left? While sending swarms of helicopters and other military air craft to evacuate US personnel that you put in a deadly situation. Your decisions not only are destroying this great country but now are destroying the world!

The worst part is after you blamed Trump for this situation unfolding in Afghanistan you walked away from without answering a single question and got back on your helicopter to continue vacation.

The American people and the world deserve a leader in office and that is something you have not and will never be.

Mr. Biden with all due respect get the hell out of the way and let President Trump fix the problems you have created.


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