Black Parents Dismantle BLM & Critical Race Theory At Board Meeting

The Beam family, who is your ordinary nuclear family, took on the school board to represent the millions of Black Americans who stand against the Black Live Matter movement.

Jim Beam III shared a question he always asks people whether or not if they have ever visited the Black Lives Matter website and he revealed how there’s three things on their site that goes against his Christian viewpoints.

“As a taxpayer, I do not want to see this agenda, this indoctrination pushed on my four children. What I saw was if you go to Black Lives Matter website, it says that they support sexual perversion, which in their own words, we foster a queer affirming network. This is America. You could be who you want to be. You can love where you want to love. But that indoctrination, that teaching should not be forced on everyone. It also says that we disrupt the nuclear family,” Mr. Beam stated.

The father pointed over to his wife and kids standing nearby and exposing the movement trying to disrupt the nuclear family.

“That’s my wife. This is our four children. Why would you disrupt the nuclear family? In most black communities, the father is not there. That’s why we’re seeing so many issues and so many problems. Why disrupt that? Another thing you will see that they say we engage comrades. They in their own words, their leaders say they are trained Marxists, trained Marxists. I’m an American. I believe in American exceptionalism. I believe America is the best country ever,” Mr. Beam shared in another point.

Even before the lockdowns, homeschooled students reached a 2.5 million record-breaking amount.

For his last point, Mr. Beam had his wife bring over a poster showing how people in his neighborhood have signs that read ‘We believe in this house…’ and everyone gives their take on what they believe.

Below is an example of what some people on the left have posted in their yards but Mr. Beam wanted to share what he’s going to be put out in his yard.


We believe God created man and woman. Love is sacrificial. God created science. Not a few or some, but all lives matter. And unborn life is still a life. Helping the immigrant, judging character, not skin color, respecting the law and the flag. We’re also going to put this one up. In this house, we believe, biology is real. All lives matter. Crime is illegal. Jesus is life. God is love. Unborn babies are humans. Right? Truth is everything,” Mr. Beam shared of what his sign will read.

Last thing I want to say this indoctrination, three, 30 seconds. You can get to the point where what happened in Dallas back in 2016. I’m going to read what it says here. As far as the report. It says the suspect who was a sniper, he killed five officers. He said here he was upset about black lives. He said that he was upset that recent police shootings, he was upset about white people. He wanted to kill white, especially white officers. This is poisonous. This is toxic. We cannot allow this to continue. I know it’s going on the mainstream media. I know it’s in the sports, but there’s millions who disagree. Thank you,” Mr. Beam concluded.

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  • If I share this or if anyone shares it will just be put in fb jail for a week or even maybe a month . I am a conservative and I love America and I love all that Donald Trump did for America but America right now has gone crazy


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