BREAKING: California is Attempting To Block Larry Elder From Running For Governor

Larry Elder announced he was running for governor of California just a few days ago. When he entered the race he immediately became a frontrunner on the Republican side of the ticket.

On Sunday, his campaign was notified by California’s woke Secretary of State that he is disqualified from running in the upcoming recall election and will not be added to the ballot. 

Their reason for the unprecedented removal of Elder from the race?

Redaction issues” with his tax returns.

After days of telling the media that they had already notified all candidates who had not qualified for the ticket, the Secretary of State sent an email at the final hour to Elder’s campaign late Sunday afternoon with the news.

Elder says he filed all paperwork in a timely manner and was never notified to be able to make the necessary revisions.

According to his campaign lawyers, this is the first time in the history of California, and possibly the country, that a candidate has been disqualified for redaction issues with tax returns.  

He also explained that the decision violated his equal protection rights under the California constitution because they did not hold Gavin Newsome, California’s elitist incumbent governor, to the same ridiculous standard. 

Elder vowed to see them in court if the decision was not reversed.

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  • California is in dire need of good leadership. The fact that they don’t want Larry Elder to run for Governor goes to show they don’t want to help their state or the people. What a shame!!

    Arlys Schiesser

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