Chaos From The Kabul Airport The Media Won't Tell You About


Leaked videos are now coming out about what is actually happening in Kabul at the moment and it's frightening to say the least.

American citizens can't not and are not being allowed to reach the Kabul airport. Some of the footage below is disturbing as you can hear panic and screaming as chaos unfolds.

The media stream media has been pushing the narrative that Biden has the situation under control and is safely getting US citizens and personnel evaucuted. But from the footage in the streets and at the airport that is anything but the case.

Please pray for all the US citizens that are currently trapped trying to get out of Kabul.


Does it look like there is anything under control from these videos? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  • So much fear, and anger, these people are in very SERIOUS TROUBLE!!! UNFOURTNELY there will NO HELP from the Biden administration!!!! The ENTIRE WORLD IS NOW IN VERY SERIOUS TROUBLE!!!!

    Dennis Larsen

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