CNN President Jeff Zucker To Step Down From Company

On Thursday it was announced that the President of CNN, Jeff Zucker will be stepping down from his position at the end of the year.

The call for him to resign as President comes as rating at CNN have suffered dramatically in the weeks since Trump has left office and the network unsure of how they should cover the new administration.

I guess they shouldn't have sided with the radical left and been so hell bent on going after former President Trump. Now they have no news to cover with him being silenced and Biden signing executive orders and then taking a LID the rest of the day.

They know they now can't turn against the Democrats because they have helped them create the cancel culture that exists today. The Democrats will just simply cancel CNN as well.

With mass exoduses from social media platforms you have to wonder if Zuckerberg and Dorsey are next. I bet none of these C.E.O's and Presidents knew they were signing their resignation letters when they teamed up with the left.

The Democrats have used the media companies to help create the very thing that will in turn, end their own companies. They have become a cancer that destroys everything they touch. The Democrat party must rebirth themselves if they hope to survive much longer as a political party.


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