Democrat Becomes Unhinged After Republican Slams Race Baiting Agenda

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson who is North Carolina’s first Black governor, slammed Democrats for ‘silly games based on race’ to use people as pawns to push their own agendas.

Rep. Chip Roy of Texas later asked the lietenant governor if the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the United States Constitution were passed or moved by Republicans or Democrats.

Rep. Steve Cohen had a major meltdown after Rep. Chip Roy and Lt. Governor Mark Robinson called out the Democrats on election integrity.

“That would be Republicans,” Lt. Gov. Robinson answered.

“Was the move for the 64 Civil Rights Act and 65 Voting Rights Act led heavily by Republicans or Democrats?” Rep. Roy asked.

“That would be Republicans,” Lt. Gov. Robinson answered again.

“And so as we sit here today and as we’re being accused by many of our colleague on the other side of the aisle of wanting to somehow perpetuate the Jim Crow South, when, in fact what we’re trying to do is perpetuate laws that you can believe and that you’ve so eloquently discussed. Do you see any merit in that whatsoever?” Rep. Roy asked.

Absolutely not. And just again, if I can have a moment just to add something. You know, when you talk about that history, that history is clear who stood on which side at every turn in history. It is clear. It’s not even in dispute, and it’s not in dispute now. What we want is integrity. We don’t want power. We want integrity. We want the right thing to be done. We want to encourage citizens to be responsible. We want to have the best election system in the world, in the world, third-world countries, places like India, where the poverty rate is staggering,” Lt. Gov. Robinson stated.

“They have to show that finger when they go vote. It’s time that we modernize our election system in this country and stop playing all these silly games based on race and please stop using me as a black man, as your pawn. And yes I said it, to push your agenda. I’m sick of it. Happened a long time ago in this country and I’m tired of it,” Lt. Gov. Robinson continued.


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