Democrats Are Their Own Worst Enemy, War Within The Party

Nancy Pelosi is in a tight spot as open war broke out among her fractured caucus over a key vote that will decide Biden’s political future. The left wants a big spending package and they are not budging causing the moderates to draw a line in the sand. In response, inexplicably and in a move that could alone cost Pelosi her job, progressives launched an ad campaign targeting the moderate Dems.

“It would send a terrible message to the American people if this bipartisan bill is held hostage. I urge my colleagues in the House to move swiftly to get this once in a generation legislation to the President’s desk for his signature,” Joe Manchin said.

“The challenge we face right now is that there is a standoff with some of our colleagues who have decided to hold the infrastructure bill hostage for months, or kill it altogether, if they don’t get what they want in the next bill — a largely undefined $3.5 trillion reconciliation package,” nine House Dems wrote in The Washington Post. “While we have concerns about the level of spending and potential revenue raisers, we are open to immediate consideration of that package.”

“But we are firmly opposed to holding the president’s infrastructure legislation hostage to reconciliation, risking its passage and the bipartisan support behind it,” the group, including Democratic Reps. Carolyn Bourdeaux (Ga.), Ed Case (Hawaii), Jim Costa (Calif.), Henry Cuellar (Texas), Jared Golden (Maine), Vicente Gonzalez (Texas), Josh Gottheimer (N.J.), Kurt Schrader (Ore.) and Filemon Vela (Texas), said.

“You don’t hold up a major priority of the country, and millions of jobs, as some form of leverage. The infrastructure bill is not a political football,” they wrote. “Let’s take the win for American workers, and the nation, and pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill.”

In response, liberal groups launched a six-figure ad campaign trashing the nine moderate House Democrats. 

The Working Families Party, Indivisible Project, Sunrise Movement, and Organize For Justice, are behind the ads. They are running the ads in the lawmakers’ home districts which may alone cost the Dems a few seats in 2022. 

“These nine conservative Democrats are sabotaging Biden’s agenda because it would make billionaires and corporations pay their fair share,” the ads say.

“Americans have a right to know whether their representatives are putting corporate profits ahead of childcare and preschool, climate defense, and creating good-paying jobs,” Natalia Salgado, director of federal affairs at the Working Families Party, said.

Trouble awaits in the Senate too. From Politico:

Kyrsten Sinema still opposes her party’s plans for a $3.5 trillion, party-line spending bill. And she’s not up for a negotiation about it.

As House Democratic leaders hold back Sinema’s own Senate-passed bipartisan infrastructure bill in order to push the Arizona Democrat and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) to support a multitrillion-dollar spending bill, Sinema is making it crystal clear that her mind can’t be changed.

And that applies even as her own legislation becomes a bargaining chip in House Democrats’ internal discussions.

The $550 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill “is a historic win for our nation’s everyday families and employers and, like every proposal, should be considered on its own merits,” said Sinema spokesperson John LaBombard.

“Proceedings in the U.S. House will have no impact on Kyrsten’s views about what is best for our country – including the fact that she will not support a budget reconciliation bill that costs $3.5 trillion.”

It’s the latest entrenched position from the first-term moderate, whose resistance to changing the Senate’s filibuster rules and to supporting a $3.5 trillion spending bill is enraging progressives.

Sinema and Manchin both helped pass Democrats’ budget earlier this month, setting up that gargantuan spending bill, but both are resistant to a social spending package that ultimately meets its $3.5 trillion top line mark.


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