Dictator Schumer Can't Be Bothered To Answer Questions

I can't believe reporters had the audacity to ask Dictator Chuck Schumer a question related to the cover-up of COVID number by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Who do these reporters think they are asking Dictator Schumer a question. Don't they know Dictator Schumer is far superior to us normal folks and we shouldn't bother him with such mundane questions. 

Dictator Schumer says he thinks a "reprogramming" camp could be needed, that reporters have to know that what he says or doesn't say goes and is final. He has also suggested that "such normal people" shouldn't make eye contact with someone as divine as he is.


Obviously this short little article is just a joke and play on Chuck Schumer's inability to answer any questions. If you like the content we share please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter and pick up a t-shirt for 20% off.



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