DID THE POLICE SCANNER JUST SAY “Hold traffic, Trump and Kennedy are leaving”? [ENHANCED AUDIO]


I always say the Deplorables are the best people in the world!

You/We have all the creativity….

We are the people who actually contribute and add things to the world.

And it just happened again.

A big shout out and thanks to Sue (last name withheld for privacy) who took the audio from our video yesterday and enhanced it so people could hear better.


If you couldn’t hear it clearly in yesterday’s video, I think you will now.

The other comment I got a lot was maybe this is referring to Sen. Kennedy.


But it’s clearly in Washington, D.C. and it’s talking about Trump and Kennedy being together.

No matter what, it’s enough to get me interested!

One more thing, I have now learned this video was shot by a lady named “Nancy Drew” (probably not her real name).

So to everyone who said they could probably hear better if it weren’t for the “loud mouthed woman” (their words not mine), apparently that LMW is someone named Nancy Drew.

Nice catch Nancy D!

Now….listen here again on Rumble to the enhanced audio and tell me if you can here it:


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