Does This Video Prove “President” Joe Biden Does Not Exist?

Someone just posted this video to Telegram and it really says a lot!

Have you ever thought the current Joe Biden doesn’t quite look right?

Doesn’t quite look like the old Biden?

Like he’s a little softer?


A little “prettier”?

Well, you’re not alone and you’re not wrong.

Watch this stunning video from Rumble:

Are there TWO Joe Bidens?

A Biden and a Bidan?

The real Biden and an actor?  Or a double?  Or a clone?

I don’t want to get too far off into woo-woo world, but you have to admit the current Biden looks VERY different from the Biden of 10 years ago.

And not just “10 years older” either.

He actually looks in many ways better.  Softer, cleaned up, and oddly enough less “evil” on the “face” of it anyway.

You can watch it here on Rumble:

After I posted that video a reader named Katherine (full name withheld for privacy) sent me an email with 12 differences she noted when studying the videos and photos.

I thought it was so astute I had to share it with you.

So with all credit to Katherine, read this:

I identified 11 or 12 differences, and the pre-2021 version has some things that are not likely to change as someone gets older, I think (like creases in the face: in the forehead, next to the mouth and nose, between the eyebrows / over the nose).

There was a mole on the forehead in the older pic of Biden, a totally different-shaped ear (including the fact that it stuck out much more to the left in the pre-2021 version), even more than just the bigger lobe at the bottom of the ear. None of the ear parts above that matched, either.

There was a bigger bump near the end of the nose, less folding over the eyes in the later picture, a different slant of the eyes at the corners; different colored-eyes, perhaps? Very similar shape to the face but the jowel stuck out a little bit more in the pre-2021 picture.

It looked like there might be slightly different distances between the eyes, to my eye.

The hairline was a little different, at the corners of the top of the forehead. (More of the forehead showed in the earlier picture of Biden.)

There was more space between eyebrows and the eyes (vertically) in the earlier version; harsher features in the earlier picture–more definition to the upper lip (earlier picture), more of a fold right above the eyes.

There is usually a look to the eyes that tell you whether a person is kind or not, I’ve thought. The Biden on the right looks kinder, more innocent to me (though we know he’s not, right?) There’s more of a harshness in the earlier picture.

You’re right. The more I look, the more I see here that looks–thought subtle–actually quite different. Just one more thing that tells me we need maybe not even just more controls on the election and with what’s happening in politics now, but maybe even an entirely new system– at least until some of the deadwood is cleared out and we can get back to the Constitution.

I told you, a great analysis, right?

Wanna take it one more level deeper?

Many people are saying the last photo in that video sure does look like Jim Carey pretending to be Joe Biden.


But it’s not just “conspiracy theorists” on the Internet asking questions.

Sean Hannity is even starting to question it.

Watch this recent segment where he asks “What happened to Joe?”

Are there two Joes?

Watch Sean here on Rumble:

What do you think?

Leave a comment below.

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  • Rumble inerviewed a man months ago who said this Joe Biden is an alien.


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