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Dominion ‘Errors’ In Yet ANOTHER County

This happens way too often, right?

This time the story comes out of a county in Pennsylvania, and the ‘error’ reported seems to conform to a pattern we know all too well.

According to local sources, Republican ballots were labeled as Democrat ballots.

Errors happen all the time, and this would be fine if the errors didn’t overwhelmingly favor one party.


We never hear about Dominion ‘errors’ affecting Democrats now do we?

Here is more on the latest Dominion discrepancies:

Fox 56 had this to report: 

Dominion says this was a human, data-entry error, despite county election director Bob Morgan calling it a coding error last week.

Every republican vote was counted correctly, according to the bureau of elections.

But some are worried trust in Dominion and elections in Luzerne County- has been lost.

"It's a regrettable error," Morgan said. "Nobody did that intentionally. The moment we found out what the impact was we immediately sought to give advice to the public and it is our desire to never have that happen again."

Dominion also admitted the same type of error has happened before in other specific elections.

WNEP 16, a local ABC affiliate had more details: 

Primary Election Day is off to a rocky start in Luzerne County. What election officials are calling a "typo" is making Republican voters uneasy.

Some voting locations are reporting that when Republicans go up to the machine to vote, an introduction screen says "Official Democratic Ballot."

The judge of elections at a polling place in Kingston Township said he paused voting Tuesday morning until this was addressed. He said election officials in Wilkes-Barre told him this is a typo and when voters go to the next screen, the republican ballot loads. They also cross-checked it with an emergency Republican paper ballot to be sure.  

When registered Republicans went to vote, after poll workers pulled up their ballots, the welcome screen said, "Official Democratic Ballot." This made Republican voters uneasy, but elections officials tell us it had nothing to do with the legitimacy of the votes. They call it a coding error.

Republican voters all over the county saw this screen before voting.

"There was considerable confusion. They refer to it as miscoding. It's hard to imagine how something like that slips by people. It was explained well the person that came to the polling place," said Dudley Snyder from Kingston.

Luzerne County election officials say it was a coding error with the vendor Dominion Voting Systems that led to the misprint on the introductory voting screen, but they say that is where the error ended.

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